Item #18551 Archive of Autograph Letters Signed by Suffragist Frances Willard with Stereoview. Frances WILLARD.

Archive of Autograph Letters Signed by Suffragist Frances Willard with Stereoview

WILLARD, Frances


WILLARD, Frances. Archive of 3 items, including 2 autograph letter signed and one original stereoview measuring 4” x 6.25” of American educator, temperance reformer, and women's suffragist. Willard became the national president of Woman's Christian Temperance Union in 1879 and remained president until her death in 1898. Since domestic violence was co-morbid with substance abuse, the WCTU aimed to protect and enfranchise women otherwise legally bound to abusive husbands. Her influence continued in the next decades, as the Eighteenth (on Prohibition) and Nineteenth (on women's suffrage) Amendments to the United States Constitution were adopted. Willard developed the slogan "Do Everything" for the WCTU and encouraged members to engage in a broad array of social reforms by lobbying, petitioning, preaching, publishing, and education. During her lifetime, Willard succeeded in raising the age of consent in many states as well as passing labor reforms including the eight-hour work day. Her vision also encompassed prison reform, scientific temperance instruction, Christian socialism, and the global expansion of women's rights. The letters include: Autograph letter signed. [no date]. 1 page, she writes in her hand in part: "..Your helpful words meant much to me and I sent them to my dear 83 year old mother, with whom I like to share my good news [...] Woman is a bright fore-gleam of the better Civilization." Autograph Letter Signed dated December 22, 1877. Drawing upon her reputation as an important author often published in the areas of suffrage and temperance, Willard writes to the editor of a newspaper to remind him of their "alliance" and ask that he consider running "weekly letter, review or article" written by her friend Mr. Hamilton Mable. Willard, who published profusely, maintained a productive relationship with editors like this one, and she begs "pardon [for] this much freedom from an old friend of editor and paper. Both letters are in very good condition. Accompanied by a vintage stereoview of Willard also in very good condition.

Item #18551

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