Item #20338 Early Lesbian Pulp Novels Collection All Written by Women Authors from 1950s and 1960s. Lesbian Authors.
Early Lesbian Pulp Novels Collection All Written by Women Authors from 1950s and 1960s

Early Lesbian Pulp Novels Collection All Written by Women Authors from 1950s and 1960s

Lesbian Authors


[LGBTQ] [Pulp] Archive of 4 early lesbian pulp novels, all written by women authors. All are about 200 pages and measure 4.75" x 7". While most lesbian pulps were written by men under pen names, several women also published the novels, providing a more intimate, accurate and emotionally appropriate spin on the genre. They were also known for providing positive endings for their lesbian characters, making them unique in the genre for the time. This archive includes several popular lesbian fiction authors including Marijane Meaker writing under the pen name Vin Packer. Meaker's books feature complex characters that have difficult relationships and complicated problems, who rail against conformity, and often portray her lesbian characters having positive endings, making her one of the founders of the "pro-lesbian" movement in the genre, which was rare for the time. She was also one of the few openly lesbian authors at the time, having been in a relationship with fellow author Patricia Highsmith. Most novels are featured in Grier at the "A" tier as well, meaning they feature significant lesbian characters and action, and should be included in any lesbian pulp collection. This archive includes:

[1] Packer, Vin (Marijane Meaker) The Evil Friendship. Greenwich, Conn: Fawcett Publications, First Printing 1958. Tagline reads: "Vin Packer's latest study of the tragedy of forbidden love." Plot follows two young teen-age lesbians as they explore their romantic feelings.
[2] Stevens, Toni. Carla. New York: Beacson Signal Books, 1964. First Edition with cover confirming "Never Before Published." Plot follows 20-year-old Carla as she experiences her first lesbian relationship. Tagline reads: "Are you curious about the day-to-day details of lesbianism, the causes, the rewards and the tortures? If so, read Carla." Rare book dealing with identity politics and how Carla sees herself, using her own terms to define her relationships, noted in the tagline "To the world - a Les, to her lovers - butch, to herself - tramp."
[3] Packer, Vin (Marijane Meaker) Dark Don't Catch Me. Greenwich, Conn: Fawcett Publications, 1956. First Edition, First Printing. Interracial love story written by lesbian author Meaker. Plot follows two black boys accused of murdering a white woman and the guilt of the town after they are found innocent, with tagline on the cover: "The murder was easy - the kid died quickly - but it was the town that wore the shroud."
[4] Clanton, Carol. Gay Interlude. New York: Midwood Books, 1961. As tagline reads: "An honest and introspective look into the realm of emotion" of two lesbian characters." Plot follows two women who fall in love and the societal consequences of their feelings. Tagline on cover reads: "The frank and revealing story of a girl with a woman's body and a man's desires... a girl forced beyond the pale of public acceptance."

All vintage covers feature illustrations of one or two women on vibrant backdrops, staring at one another longingly. One cover by famed pulp artist Paul Rader. All covers are clean and textblocks tight. Overall, archive is in very good condition.

Item #20338

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