Item #19985 Collection of early books on studies on Lesbianism and lesbian culture from the 1960s. Studies Lesbian Pulp.
Collection of early books on studies on Lesbianism and lesbian culture from the 1960s

Collection of early books on studies on Lesbianism and lesbian culture from the 1960s

Lesbian Pulp, Studies


[LGBTQ Pulp] [Women History] As Lesbian culture emerged to the mainstream in the 1960s via pulps, several books were written by doctors, researchers, or journalists trying to explain the phenomena and analyze lesbian culture and trends. The books were a mix of informative models on personality to exploitative case studies marketed for their at-the-time scandalous content. Archive contains 4 60's pulp books about lesbian culture and experiences. Each pulp softcover measure about 4.25" x 7" and range from 190 to 330 pages. All featured detailed case studies, journalistic pieces, or examinations into lesbian culture, often by doctors or journalists hoping to shed light on the emerging culture. This collection includes:

[1] Sprague, W.D. The Lesbian in our Society. New York: Midwood (Tower) Books, 1962. First edition soft cover mass market paperback pulp. Vintage cover art features a portrait of a woman posing sensually and looking behind her. Book is presented as a case study of lesbianism just as the culture was emerging with the tagline: "Detailed case histories of the third sex." Introduction reads: "The many case histories cited in detail by W.D. Sprague in this volume are taken from the files of the Psychoanalytical Assistance Foundation." At the back, a chart with female population demographics is also published.
[2] Stearn, Jess. The Grapevine: A Report on the Secret World of the Lesbian. New York: Macfadden Books, 1967. First Edition Paperback, Second Printing. Stearn was a writer for New York Daily News who set out to cover lesbianism in the US. The book features interviews with lesbians, descriptions of covert lesbian bars and beaches, and his experiences at the convention for the Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian civil and political rights organization in America. Also includes an illustrated recreated program from the conference "Potentials: The Lesbian in Society" and a detailed description of events. Featured in Grier at the A*, B*, C* levels for its "major lesbian characters or action." Cover features two young women smelling a flower in black and white with red and blue text.
[3] Caprio, Frank S. Female Homosexuality: A Modern Study of Lesbianism. New York: Grove Press - Evergreen Black Cat Book, 1962. First edition first printing mass market paperback pulp edition. Presented as a case study, the pulp focuses on lesbianism based on hundreds of interviews and other information gathered from around the world. Cover features two symbols for women interlinked, with a tagline on the back: "Female Homosexuality is the most complete and authoritative book on the subject." A glossary of lesbian terms along with an extensive bibliography are featured at the back of the book, allowing lesbian readers to learn more about the culture. Additional tagline reads: "It answers the long-felt need for a comprehensive study in non-technical language of this vital topic." In very good condition.
[4] Wade, Carlson. The Troubled Sex. New York: Universal, 1961. Paperback. First printing. Vintage mass market paperback in pictorial wraps. Cover illustration of sensual blonde and a brunette women standing in a doorway. Bold white tagline reads "A frank and penetrating study of habits and practices among Lesbians--their causes, cures, and clinical histories. Wade was known as a "Pulp Sexologist" and this books includes sections like "Recognizing the Lesbian", "Lesbians in Prisons", "Help for Lesbians" and "Lesbian Signs and Symbols."
[5] O'Hara, Ralph C. The Divorcee. Connecticut: Monarch Books, 1962. First Edition with cover confirming: "First Publication Anywhere." Vintage cover features a man and a woman kissing with the tagline: "The Emotional Problems of Women who have shed their husbands via divorce." Book follows several case studies of divorcees, including women who enter into lesbian relationships. O'Hara worked in Long Island as a marriage counselor and spent 14 years interviewing thousand of couples for the book.

All 4 books feature vibrant, pulp-inspired covers with illustrations and artwork, often of two women staring at one another. All are in very good condition. Early examination of Lesbian culture with key terms, descriptions, case studies and histories that present a look into how the mainstream viewed Lesbian culture in the 1960s.

Item #19985

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