Item #9956 Early Photographic Ambrotype of a Horse & Carriage Circa 1850's. Photograph Ambrotype.

Early Photographic Ambrotype of a Horse & Carriage Circa 1850's

Ambrotype , Photograph

Original Photo

Original 19th century Ambrotype photograph of Horse & Carriage. Circa 1850-1859. A quarter plate about 3" x 4." This is an outdoor image of a family seated in a carriage and 2 large horses. A man with a cowboy hat is standing in front of the horses and holding the horses. Outdoor images are scarce since most ambrotypes were taken inside the photographers studios. An interesting image capturing the civil war era. Housed in a leather original case with red velvet interior and an attractive copper mat. Ambrotype photographic process on glass introduced in the early 1850 to mid-1860s. Cartes de visite and other paper print photographs, easily available in multiple copies, replaced the Ambrotype sine each was unique and could not be duplicated. Each photo is a unique camera-exposed image. The image is housed in its original decorative, presentation case that protects the negative, the cover glass and brass mat are both in very good condition. Overall attractive and in very good condition.

Item #9956

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