Item #19835 Early LGBTQ Archive of 'One Magazine' The Homosexual Viewpoint. 1961-1967. LGBTQ ONE Magazine.

Early LGBTQ Archive of 'One Magazine' The Homosexual Viewpoint. 1961-1967

ONE Magazine, LGBTQ


[LGBTQ] One, The Homosexual Viewpoint. One, Incorporated: Los Angeles, CA. 10 issues of ONE Magazine 1961-67. Featured in this collection are ten issues from 1961-67: Nov. 1961 (Vol. IX, No. 11), March 1962 (Vol. X, No. 3), Nov. 1962 (Vol. X, No. 11), Feb. 1963 (Vol. XI, No. 2), Dec. 1963 (XI, No. 12), Feb. 1964 (Vol. XII, No. 2), June 1964 (Vol. XII, No. 7), Dec. 1964 (Vol. XII, No. 12), April 1965 (Vol. XIII, No. 4), and July-Dee. 1967 (Vol. XV, No. 7-12). Each magazine measures 5.5" x 8.5". ONE was a homosexual magazine published from 1952-1967. Issues were seized by authorities in 1953 and 1954 on charges of obscenity. In 1958 after four years of litigation, the Supreme Court declared One was not in violation of any obscenity laws. After closing publication in 1967, One Institute became a national archive for LGBTQ material. Wrappers of each issue are uniquely decorated with illustrations, photos, and bold monochromatic lettering. Some titles featured include "The 'Other' Homosexuals" and "Donald Webster Cory on Homosexuality". Director of One Institute, W. Dorr Legg, examines the church's moral imperatives in proximity to the LGBTQ community in a passage titled "Toward A Higher Morality". One of the most important publications in the LGBTQ community, this archive is in very good condition.

Item #19835

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