Item #4987 Apollo Ampule Storage Kit. Apollo Memorabilia.
Apollo Ampule Storage Kit

Apollo Ampule Storage Kit

Apollo Memorabilia


Apollo Program Training Chlorinating Ampule Storage Kit. When the astronauts are in space, there may be times when the water available to drink may be of questionable quality. This kit, made from beta cloth, is designed to carry 7 ampules for chlorinating water to make the water cleaner. Twenty minutes before water was consumed, the ampule was inserted into the water tank. Immediately afterward, a second ampule, containing a buffer (sodium dihydrogen phosphate) was inserted to neutralize the pH of the water, with an inhibitor, sodium nitrate (to slow corrosion). After waiting the 20 additional minutes for the chemicals to disperse throughout the tank, the water was potable. The Kit is designed to carry the Ampules. This is an important piece of space memorabilia. The official part number of this item is V36-758880 and it also has a NASA black stamp. In very good condition. Unique item purchased at space auction sale at superior auction in Beverly Hills, CA in 1996.

Item #4987

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