Item #3040 "Moon Explorers Home" 1969 Newspaper Signed Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin.

"Moon Explorers Home" 1969 Newspaper Signed Buzz Aldrin

Newspaper Signed

U.S. Astronaut. Member of the historic Apollo 11 Mission and Second Man to walk on the Moon. Signed complete edition of the the "Los Angeles Times," dated July 25, 1969, signed boldly: "Buzz Aldrin". The headline reads: "Moon Explorers Home; What's Next Step in Space." Cover photos include the three men stepping from the Hornet rescue helicopter in quarantine suits, and another shows President Richard Nixon welcoming them home from outside the quarantine room on the Hornet. Quarantining of Space voyagers was common practice until the Apollo 14 Mission. Great display item, signed by Aldrin, from the most historic NASA space mission.

Item #3040

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