Item #19433 Valerie Taylor Collection of Six Lesbian Pulps. Valerie Taylor Lesbian Pulps Collection.
Valerie Taylor Collection of Six Lesbian Pulps

Valerie Taylor Collection of Six Lesbian Pulps

First Edition

[LGBTQ] Valerie Taylor Lesbian Pulps Collection of Six mass market paperbacks, by Velma Nacella Young, writing under the pseudonym "Valerie Taylor." Lesbian pulps emerged in the late 1950s and quickly soared to popularity, as they offered rare examples of representation to the LGBT community. Valerie Taylor was among the most prolific authors in this genre. A mother of three, Taylor's success as a pulp writer coincided with her own coming-out journey. She continued writing novels well into her eighties. Following her public activist work in Chicago, she was nicknamed one of the "Lesbian Grandmothers of America."

Collection includes six books: [1] Whisper Their Love. Fawcett Publications: New York, 1957. First edition. 176 pages. Measures 4" x 7.5" inches. The book came as a shock to the conservative market, selling two million copies. The story follows eighteen-year old Joyce's affair with a woman twice her age. Taylor's open discussion of gender, class, rape, abortion and suicide set the book apart. [2] The Girls in 3B. Crest Books: New York 1959. First edition. 159 pages, 4.5" x 7." A classic of the genre, The Girls in 3B tells the story of three young gay women as they move from a small town and acclimate to city life in Chicago. The book deals with racism, closeted sexuality, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and recreational drugs. It explores and satirizes the sexism and machismo of Beat culture. Notably has a happy ending, rare for the genre. [3] A World Without Men. New York: Midwood Tower 1963. First edition. 160 pages, 4.5" x 7." The second in a five-part series, A World Without Men tells the love story of two women as they navigate lasting trauma from World War II concentration camps. [4] Stranger On Lesbos. New York: Fawcett Publications/Gold Medal Books, 1960. First edition. Mass market paperback. 144 pages, size 4.5" x 7." Front wrapper bears illustration of a blonde woman alone in her bedroom. [5] Unlike Others. New York: Tower Publications, 1963. First edition, first printing. Mass market paperback. Measures 7" x 4.5". Cover art of a woman holding a cigarette while glancing at another woman. [6] Return to Lesbos. Tallahassee: The Naiad Press, 1982. Volute edition; a reprint of the original 1963 version. Minimalist cover, featuring bold green and pink lettering. This archive is in very good condition.

Item #19433

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