Item #19387 Lesbian Film Lobby Card Archive, 1960's-1970's. Lobby Cards Lesbian Film.

Lesbian Film Lobby Card Archive, 1960's-1970's

Lesbian Film, Lobby Cards


Lesbian Film Archive of 7 Movie Lobby Cards for six early Lesbian films. By 1934, the Hays Production Code limited freedom of expression in all films, stating that any inference of homosexuality was prohibited. Making films has largely been a male preserve since the days of the earliest flickering images. Consequently, all too few women have been afforded the opportunity to direct mainstream or experimental works, with the result that female characters have been depicted through what theorists call 'the male gaze', a heterosexual perspective that reduces them to safe or sexualized stereotypes. Until the 1980s, the vast majority of films about lesbians were made by men, who, even with the best intentions, could only ever consider such topics as outsiders aside from a few exceptions. Lesbian films could be made if nothing was overt and if queer characters were shone in a negative light. This archive consists of early Lesbian films that In this archive, each lobby card ranges from 16" x 12" and 14" x 11". The lobby cards are for the following movies:

[1] The Girl With The Golden Eyes. 1962. French movie based on The Thirteen by Honoré de Balzac. A lesbian theme love triangle.
[2] El Asesinato de la Hermana George AKA The Killing of Sister George; 1968. Sister George is a character in a radio show who is played by a cigar smoking Lesbian. The movie has the first on-screen portrayal of a real Lesbian bar. The lobby cards shows the 2 lesbian lovers dancing. Includes a very poor condition first edition [The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus] tie-in copy to the film.
[3] Teresa and Isabel (Thérèse et Isabelle) Audubon Films, 1968. Two girls go to boarding school and fall in love.
[4] Las Dulces Amigas aka Les Biches. 1968. French New Wave Film Directed by Claude Chabrol explores the intersectionality between social class and Lesbianism.
[5] 99 Mujeres (99 Women). Commonwealth United Entertainment, 1968. Women's prison melodrama that explores Lesbianism.
[6] Esposamante (Wifemistress). Italy: Warner Brothers., 1977. Italian romance film where a beautiful young woman becomes her husband's (Marcello Mastroianni,) social equal, stealing his mistress in the process.

Many lobby cards in this archive capture various instances of Lesbian romance, often capturing the main female characters embracing. This mostly 1960's Lesbian movie archive is vibrant and in very good condition.

Item #19387

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