Item #19188 African American Navy Sailors Photo Archive during WWII Era. WWII Navy Black Troops.

African American Navy Sailors Photo Archive during WWII Era

Photo Archive

African American US Navy sailors W.W.II. era vintage photograph archive. This archive of eight silver gelatin photographs measuring between 4" x 3.25" and 7" x 5". all photos are showing the black soldiers in Navy uniforms during W.W.II, Five of these photos appear to have been taken from the same album, as indicated by the tan album page paper that they are still attached to on verso. Three are studio shots and two show the young sailors standing at attention with a training rifle in their hand. Additionally, in the smallest photo, we can see a congregation of white and black sailors aboard a ship watching a band play, consisting of three black musicians who play the double bass, piano, and guitar. In the Navy during W.W.II, ships were integrated mostly in situations where the black sailors were ship stewards, mess attendants, cooks, and the like. Originally, combat and leadership roles were almost exclusively reserved for white sailors, but certain units, like the Seabees, began to train black sailors in roles other than ship labor. By the war's end, black sailors in the Seabees and other units formed a significant part of the logistical and construction apparatus of the Pacific Theater. President Truman issued Executive Order 9981 to abolish discrimination based on race or color,in the armed forces. For the Navy, however, it took many more years to see the promise of this order fulfilled. In very good condition overall.

Item #19188

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