Item #19148 Archive of Yippie Jerry Rubin in Press Photos and Bylines in the New York Review of Books. Jerry Rubin Yippies.

Archive of Yippie Jerry Rubin in Press Photos and Bylines in the New York Review of Books

Archive of four press photos of the Yippie countercultural antiwar movement, featuring most prominently Jerry Rubin, who is also featured in two lengthy letters published in the the New York Review of Books, namely "An Exchange on Resistance" and "An Emergency Letter to My Brothers and Sisters in the Movement". New York Review of Books, February 13, 1969 and April 10, 1969 issues. Eight pages total. Photos of Rubin range from 1966-73. The earliest photo is of a stunt Rubin pulled where he has dressed up as a British redcoat with a placard reading ""I wear this uniform because my country was born in revolution. Today American uses blitzkrieg bombing with jelly gasoline to destroy the Vietnamese revolution. Our soldiers have become the redcoats of the world." The Yippies were as much a performance troupe as they were antiwar activists, and their disruptive style of political activism made them well publicized, particularly when the protests they spearheaded at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention escalated and Chicago police cracked down ruthlessly, beating numerous protesters. Rubin, Hoffman, and several other Yippies, also including Black Panther Bobby Seale, were indicted and tried as "The Chicago Eight" (later Chicago Seven when Seale was acquitted) on the grounds of inciting a riot. The Yippies were ultimately cleared of charges, but they were ensnared in legal proceedings for years to come with numerous retrials. A 1968 photo identifes Rubin as "one of the Seven" and another is a closeup of Rubin giving a speech, with a Hoffa for President pin on his lapel and a cigarette in his hand. The last photo depicts Rubin and his lawyers Leonard Weinglass and William Kunstler during a recess when they a new trial was brought against them for contempt in 1973. Rubin's article "An Emergency Letter..." is part retrospective on their tumultuous historic time and part call to arms, ending with an invocation of the Spartacus legend. The other article, titled "An Exchange on Resistance", is a back-and-forth between Jerry Rubin and Mitch Goodman, draft resistance organizer and member of the Boston Five, concerning revolutionary strategy, tactics, and the role of the middle class in the movement. In very good condition overall.

Item #19148

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