Item #19141 Interracial Love 1950s Pulp Collection. Interracial Love 1950 African-American.
Interracial Love 1950s Pulp Collection
Interracial Love 1950s Pulp Collection

Interracial Love 1950s Pulp Collection

African-American, Interracial Love 1950


[Interracial] [Pulp] Three early mass-market paperbacks from the 1950s, all which include interracial couples. Collection includes:

[1] Jones, Denys. Look Not Upon Me. New York: Signet Books 1957. Action-packed cover art depicts a young Black woman leaning against a white blond man; beneath them is a combat scene, and one man wields a machete. From the back: "Mau-Mau! It is a word spoken out of darkness. A word whispered over a mysterious Kenya murderer...adding terror to the forbidden passion of a white soldier and a beautiful native nurse.." 233 pages. Paperback is fragile but still holding. Gutter cracking. Consistent toning throughout. Cover illustration is colorful and bright.

[2] Walter B. Lowrey. Summer Boy. New York: Pyramid Books 1958. Pulp edition. Cover art by Lou Marchetti depicts a blonde woman leaning against a fence, with the portrait of a stern-looking Black man overhead. From the back: "Here is a startling story of a Negro boy and a white girl in the modern South, and of the boy's electrifying act of defiance, in the face of all tradition..." 224 pages.Rubbing to spine panel, some creasing present on cover. Gutter cracking but still holding. Previous owner's name written on first page. Consistent age toning throughout.

[3] Clad, Noel. White Barrier. New York: Avon Books 1955. First edition, as stated. 124 pages. Classic pulp cover art of a strawberry-blonde woman wearing pajamas and stretching out of bed, while a black man in a T-shirt and jeans observes, clutching a tin pitcher. Text above title reads, "The potent disclosure of an interracial affair.","This novel is unique for its respectful treatment of a mixed-race couple. Back states: "From the back-alley bistros of Paris to the white-hot sands of Majorca--here is a brutally frank, seraching novel of love and passion that recognizes neither race, color, nor creed." Age toning throughout. The colors are stunningly vivid and bright. Archive is overall in very good condition.

Item #19141

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