Item #19084 1958 Lesbian Nonfiction Pulp We Too Must Love. Ann Aldrich Lesbian Pulp.

1958 Lesbian Nonfiction Pulp We Too Must Love


[LGBTQ] Marijane Meaker writing under the pen name "Ann Aldrich." We, Too, Must Love. Greenwich, Connecticut: Fawcett Publications 1958. First edition Mass-market paperback. Measures 4.5 x 7 inches. 188 pages. Meaker was a prolific pulp author, first achieving mainstream success as hardboiled suspense novelist 'Vin Packer.' Under the name Aldrich, Meaker produced five books of nonfiction and investigative journalism. Though they were intended to serve as 'resource books' for LGBT in America, Meaker was forced to market them as works of fiction to pass postal inspection. We, Too, Must Love is a candid account of Aldrich's life as a lesbian in New York, a response to the letters she received from young girls, parents and doctors all begging for more material speaking truth to the lesbian experience. Book includes text from those letters. A stirring testament to the power of representation against the trauma of living in isolation. Bright and in very good condition.

Item #19084

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