Item #19032 Homophile Studies Lecture Series Schedule. One Institute, LGBTQ.
Homophile Studies Lecture Series Schedule

Homophile Studies Lecture Series Schedule


[LGBTQ] Mattachine Society Inc. Department of Education. One Institute of Homophile Studies: Announcement and Schedule of Classes. San Francisco: Mattachine Society, Inc. 1960. First edition. 4 orange pages, 8.5" x 5.5." Program for a series of lectures hosted by gay rights organizations, The Mattachine Society and One Institute. The introduction states, "These [lectures] all represent a serious examination of significant material related to the orientation, adjustment, and acceptance of the homophile in our adult society...These lectures will be of particular benefit to persons in fields of sociology, psychology, mental health, correction, law enforcement, religion and law itself, as well as to anyone seeking a more rational understanding of homosexuality as opposed to the purely emotional reaction." Lectures were given by James Kepner, D. Slater, and W. Dorr Legg. Panel titles include: "The Cause of Sex Deviation: A Frank Look at Freud," "The Homosexual Influence in Contemporary History," "Homosexuality, Crime and Social Disorganization," "Repression, Bisexuality and Marriage: Ways of Escape," and more. Very good condition.

Item #19032

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