Item #18734 1960s South Vietnamese Mining Volunteers on American Base During the War. Photography Vietnam War.

1960s South Vietnamese Mining Volunteers on American Base During the War

Photo Archive

Archive of 8 Extra large black and white silver gelatin prints of Vietnamese civilians mining during the Vietnam War. Photos measure 11" x 14". Many of the photos show people of Vietnamese descent on a military base gathering and doing manual work on the land, many of them have name tags and look to be volunteering as part of the war effort. In these photos we see groups of smiling people of Vietnamese descent gathering in meetings to discuss land mining operations as well as many photos of Vietnamese people using pick axes, shovels, and buffalo to dig up the surrounding land. During post Cold War Vietnam, much tension was built between communist and non-communist forces. Mining played an important role in the country's economy, with minerals like tin, zinc, and tungsten being among the most valuable. As conflict intensified, both the North Vietnamese and their allies, and South Vietnamese soldiers and private companies began mining for minerals. Mining provided needed funds for the war effort for both sides. This archive displays a refreshing perspective of the lives of Vietnamese citizens outside of the violent affects of the war. Overall photos are in very good condition with bending to edges and minor creasing.

Item #18734

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