Item #18723 WWII Polish Armed Forces during Italian Campaign Photo Archive with Personal Handwritten Inscriptions. Polish troops WWII.

WWII Polish Armed Forces during Italian Campaign Photo Archive with Personal Handwritten Inscriptions

Photo Archive

Archive of 34 black and white silver gelatin photos of Polish soldiers during and after World War II with most photos taken in war date Italy. Measurements vary between 2.5" x 3.5" - 5.5" x 3.5". Most photos are of portraits or group shots of Polish Armed Forces div of Allied soldiers, in uniform. Many of the photos are taken in Italy, where 20,000 Polish soldiers fought alongside the Allies during the Italian Campaign and fought ruthlessly to break German lines at the Battle of Monte Cassino. The Polish II Corps was made up of soldiers who were former Soviet prisoners to undergo training in the Middle East before being stationed to fight alongside the Allies in Italy. By 1945, the division rose to well over 100,000 men. These photos are dated between 1945-1946 with many inscriptions en verso in Polish with the location being "Włochy", which is Polish for Italy. In this collection, we see several photos of soldiers in front of palm trees with no inscriptions, assuming they were taken during their evacuation to the Middle East. There are a few images of soldiers on ships possibly traveling to Italy. Many photos of large groups of soldiers posed in front of St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument, and in front of supply trucks. Poland was faced with tremendous odds, if they weren't killed in battle or captured as POWs in German camps, many of the surviving soldiers returned to Soviet occupied Poland. Nonetheless, Polish soldiers fought relentlessly for the cause of freedom and democracy and are honored in this time capsule. Overall very good condition, minor wear to edges.

Item #18723

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