Chicano Poetry Pamphlet, Phases by Tigre (1971)


Perez, Raymundo. Phases by Tigre. Self Published, 1971. 5.5" X 8.5" inches. 30 pages of poetry by revolutionary Tejano poet Raymundo "Tigre" Perez about migrant laborers and Chicano identity - poems in English and Spanish. Includes an introduction by Magadaleno Avila and cover art by L.R. Teran depicting Chicano man breaking shackles and chains spelling "Laredo Texas". Raymundo "Tigre" Perez was raised in Texas and involved both with the Chicano migrant/laborer movements and more recently is a practicing medicine man working to preserve culture, traditions, and spirituality of indigenous nations. The poetry in this pamphlet explores Chicano-American & indigenous identities, spirituality, and labor with a revolutionary vision. Excerpt from poem: "I ride through your town in night. Crowded like animals we move. Placed in used concentration camps. We look forward to a new chance, a bright tomorrow. We work from sun-up to sundown. Dirty, tired, we become machines." In very good condition with slight fading on edges.

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