Item #18495 Collection of Cesar Chavez Delano Grape Boycott Bumper Stickers. Cesar Chavez Chavez.

Collection of Cesar Chavez Delano Grape Boycott Bumper Stickers

Chavez, Cesar Chavez


Lot of 3 colorful bumper stickers propagating the boycott of non union grapes held by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. Keene, CA: UFW, circa 1970. Each measure 15" x 4". These bumper stickers were produced as part of a grassroots effort to support UFW farm workers during the Delano Grape Strike, which began in September 1965. In eye catching neon colors accompanied by the iconic "Huelga" union symbol, one states "Boycott Non UFW Grapes," and another being a voice of the farmworkers to the people, "The Farmworkers Need You Now. Don't Buy Grapes." After a gruesome month long grape strike, Chavez began a second strike against Gallo Wine, which produced a third of the wine for the United States, calling for nationwide support as we see with the third bumper sticker "Say No to Gallo" followed by a bottle of wine with a strike through it. When the outcry began to collapse the grape market, major Delano growers agreed to increase worker’s pay, contribute to the union health plan, and ensure that their workers were protected against pesticides used in the fields. Chavez’s acts during this five year struggle, such as; leading a 300 mile march from Delano to Sacramento, partaking in a hunger strike emulating his hero Mahatma Gandhi, and vowing for non-violent persistence gained notoriety from figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. Very minor wear to edge. Colors and text are vibrant and clear. Overall very good condition.

Item #18495

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