Item #18417 "Boycott Non-UFW Grapes" Bumper Sticker. Latino Cesar Chavez.

"Boycott Non-UFW Grapes" Bumper Sticker

Cesar Chavez, Latino


United Farm Workers. Boycott Non-UFW Grapes. Keene, CA: UFW, circa 1970. 12" x 3.5" inch bumper sticker. This bumper sticker was produced as part of a grassroots effort to support UFW farmworkers during the Delano Grape Strike, which started in September 1965. The striking workers, led by Cesar Chavez and others, formed the United Farm Workers and demanded wages equivalent to the federal minimum wage. Bright orange field with black text and UFW flag. Contact information and union bug in tiny font across the bottom. Very good condition.

Item #18417

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