Freed Slave Work Contract Dated Only Weeks Following Puerto Rican Emancipation, 1873

DS - Document Signed

Signed Spanish colonial free slave work contract. "Contrato Esclavo liberto." Arecibo, Puerto Rico. April 1873. Measures 12 x 8 inches. The 1873 Abolition Act ending slavery in Puerto Rico stipulated slaves apprentice under their former masters for another 3 years in exchange for food and small compensation. "In the very loyal town of Arecibo on the [unknown] of the month of April one thousand eight hundred and seventy before Mr. Corregidor...who stated that they had freely and spontaneously adjusted the personal service contract under the following clauses...The freedman binds himself and commits himself by provide their services...and work in the company, devoting themselves assiduously to all the tasks...with two daily meals composed of 8 ounces of meat...and two pounds of food from each season." When these contracts expired in 1876, sugar plantation owners petitioned the governor to extend them. Text in Spanish. Damage from worming. Good condition.

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