Item #18083 Vietnam Anti-War Protest Leaflet Including Black Panther. Anti-War Leaflet Vietnam.

Vietnam Anti-War Protest Leaflet Including Black Panther


Leaflet advertising protest march against Vietnam. Fifth Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade Committee: New York. Front cover reads "10,000 GIs Killed since the peace talks started May 1968, Many more thousands of Vietnamese lives lost while U.S diplomats stall! How much longer will it go on? The time to stop is now! Join tens of thousands Gis and civilians in a mass march and rally Saturday April 5." The leaflet does not give a year for the protest but our research shows an anti-war protest took place in Bryant Park in New York City on April 5th, 1969. Measures 5.5" x 8.5" in. Single sheet with center fold to make front band back cover and 2 interior pages. The New York Fifth Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade Committee coordinated anti-war parades throughout the 1960s involving hundreds of organizations. Leaflet advertises, "Speakers: Mrs. Kathleen Cleaver Dave Dellinger Howard Zinn An Active duty G.I. and others." Kathleen Cleaver was the first woman to become a highly visible leader of the Black Panther Party and one of the few women to emerge as a nationwide symbol of the black power movement. The Black Panthers were vehemently opposed to the war in Vietnam drawing the connection between American imperialism abroad and white supremacy at home. Inside of leaflet reads in part, "The war goes on against black people in the U.S. The war goes on against working people; tax, rent, and cost-of-living increases; legislation to curb the right to strike and organize; preparation of concentration camps for dissidents; harassment of militants and draft resisters. And the war goes on against the Vietnamese people." 10,000 American troops were killed during 1969, Nixon's first year in office, with nationwide protests building to a fever pitch by November's first Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, a turning point in antiwar sentiment becoming a mass movement. Leaflet is clean and bright. Very good condition.

Item #18083

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