Archive of Ephemera from Mount Holyoke College


Small archive of 3 pieces of ephemera from Mount Holyoke College. The archive includes the 1837-45 annual catalogue pamphlet measuring 9" x 6" inches, the 1840 address delivered at the third anniversary of the school's founding measuring 5.25" x 8.5" inches and an invitation to the 1915 commencement ceremony measuring 5.5" x 7" inches. Mount Holyoke College was founded in 1837 by Mary Lyon, an iconic foremother in women's education, and is the oldest member of the historic Seven Sisters colleges, the elite set of historically women's colleges in the Northeast. Mount Holyoke served as a model for later institutions and for women's higher education more broadly. The anniversary address delivered by Mark Hopkins reads in part, "The omens of the future are full of promise. If the connection of this cause with the best destinies of the country, and o the world, is less perceptible than that o some others, it is not less intimate. That period for which the world waits, can never come till woman shall assume her proper place in intelligence and moral influence. Woman, as she ought to be, was reserved originally to give completeness to the creation of God; and it is only when she shall again become what she ought to be, that we can expect to see the moral elements which are now in commotion, arranging themselves into a permanent and happy order of things." Address is missing front and back soft covers and has annotations in pen on margin of title page. In 2014, Mount Holyoke became the first of the Seven Sisters to admit transgender students with admissions limited to female, transgender and nonbinary students.

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