Item #18009 Archive of 3 Pamphlets From Early Working Class College in Manchester, 1896-1900. Education Working Class.

Archive of 3 Pamphlets From Early Working Class College in Manchester, 1896-1900

Working Class, Education


Small archive of 3 pamphlets with course listings from The Owens College, Manchester from 1896-1900. size 7.25" x 5" inches. The college was the first affiliate of Victoria University and founded on the principle of general education for the working class. Other institutions founded in manufacturing towns including Manchester had previously failed due to popular suspicion that ordinary working young men should not develop a taste for higher learning lest they aspire to transcend their social class and hobble British industry. The college founded its Manchester Day Training College for Women in 1892, a separate arm of the institution introduced in the pamphlets "Every student admitted to the College is required before her actual admission, to sign a Declaration that she intends bona fide to adopt and follow the profession of Teacher in a Public Elementary School or Training College." Courses were segregated by gender, but the inclusion of women for professional development is notable for the time. The Owens College merged with Victoria University to receive a royal charter in 1903. The pamphlets list college boards and officers, detail sessions and list course descriptions with their attendant faculty. The late 19th century marked a time of social change in England when working class citizens sought new reforms and opportunities beyond their class, destabilizing Britain's long established aristocratic system. 2 pamphlets have separated soft covers. Text blocks tight and clean.

Item #18009

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