Item #17979 Cesar Chavez and the UFW, 1966-86 Photo Archive. Cesar Chavez.
Cesar Chavez and the UFW, 1966-86 Photo Archive

Cesar Chavez and the UFW, 1966-86 Photo Archive

Photo Archive

Archive of seven original press photos from 1966-86 of Cesar Chavez and the UFW advocating for farm workers. Photos range from 9" x 6.5" to 11" x 8" inches. Black and white silver gelatin print photographs. The earliest photo from 1966 depicts Chavez leading a march in a sunny field near Madison, Wisconsin with fellow UFW workers toting American flags as well as the iconic Huelga eagle flag of the UFW. Chavez is clearly visible in all seven photos, save for one, though according to the press caption on verso he is marching in the procession that is depicted. This photo was taken in Delano, California, a center of migrant worker activism, and depicts the funeral procession for Nagi Daifullah, an Yemeni migrant laborer and UFW union leader who was brutally beaten and killed by Kern County police in 1973. A photo from 1975 pictures Chavez at the podium giving a speech on the Teamster-UFW feud in front of AFL-CIO President George Meany.There are several high contrast photos taken at night depicting Chavez and his fellow unionists at what appear to be vigils, including on the steps of the Oregon state capitol. Over the 20 year span of this archive, Chavez does not let up in his dedication to the struggle. The UFW under his tenure was able to greatly improve the standard of living for migrant laborers, including pay, working conditions, and landmark legislation in 1975 that codified and guaranteed agricultural workers' right to unionize, bargain collectively and vote in secret-ballot elections in California. In very good condition overall.

Item #17979

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