Item #17908 Early Play Concerning Male Crossdressing, 1877. Play Transgender.

Early Play Concerning Male Crossdressing, 1877


[Transgender] Promotional poster for The Bostonian magazine advertising the play The Coming Woman, 1877. Measures 16.5" x 12" inches. A large square of bright red covered in white text reads "A monthly magazine of local interest price 15 cts" along the top of the poster and in large, bold print "Bostonian" along the bottom. In a smaller black area drawn to look like spreading squid ink is the advertisement for the play. The illustration shows a woman in puffed sleeves and upswept hair, the skirt of her dress made up of tentacles, not fabric, giving her a half woman, half squid appearance. In one hand she holds a handbill, the other hand is tucked behind her back. Beside her the words, "The Coming Woman." The play was the first in which Neil Burgess appeared as a female impersonator, what he became famous for with this play and later roles where he also appeared as a woman. Crossdressing was acceptable at the time only in parodic form making plays like this one an important expression for the gender queer community otherwise treated as invisible by mainstream culture. Clean and bright print with attractive illustration. A small tear on right side where poster was folded does not affect text or image. Overall good condition.

Item #17908

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