Item #17860 Original Photo of Female Students Conducting Chemistry Experiments. Photography Women in Science.

Original Photo of Female Students Conducting Chemistry Experiments

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Original Photo

Silver gelatin photo featuring male and female high school students conducting experiments in chemistry class. 9" x 7.25" inches. Circa 1940s. Silver gelatin print. Verso inscribed in pencil with the intials B.H.S above "order #200 Reduce to 4 x 3 1/2". Further down verso marked in pencil is a calculation and studio stamp of Zintgraff Photograph of San Antonio. Photo shows chemistry classroom made up of five rows of high counters crowded with students clustered in groups of 2 or 3 pouring liquid between beakers and test tubes. Students include fifteen males and four females with a male professor in the center. The students eyes are focused on their work while the professor looks directly at the camera, his expression unguarded. Most of the students have intent expressions but a few including one male student in military dress are clearly containing smiles, conscious of the camera. Female students wear blouses and skirts, male students collared shirts with two in military uniform, and the professor is dressed in jacket and tie. Foregrounded is the surface of the front counter with chemistry tools and classroom materials lining it. A periodic table is visible hanging on the wall at the back of the classroom. Photo is well lit with rich details including student expressions which evoke the excitement of the occasion, each one posing while trying not to appear posed. Overall very good condition.

Item #17860

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