Item #17856 Mixed-gender Surgery Scene, Circa 1920s. Medicine Surgery.

Mixed-gender Surgery Scene, Circa 1920s

Surgery, Medicine

Original Photo

Original photo of a surgery in action in the operating room. Photo measures 9.75" x 7.5" on black photographer's board measuring 11.25" x 9.75" inches. Circa 1920s. Albumen print. Name written in pencil on verso "Dr. Thos Mcalan" (?). Photo shows surgeons operating on a body that lies on an operating table, face unseen, with a metal bucket for drained fluids at the foot of the table. One surgeon sits near the head of the body apparently pouring something towards the face which he has clasped at the chin while he looks intently down at his work. A female nurse stands watching over while two male practitioners assemble their tools, including scissors and syringes, on the patient's abdomen. Another nurse arranges instruments at a small side table while another one in the background is mostly hidden. Above her is a set of chairs that is likely the observation deck of the operating room. Another male attending medical practitioner stands the furthest into the background washing his hands at a porcelain sink. The surgical room itself is highly visible with rich details of instruments, layout, and practices. That the men are the only ones in contact with the body while the women appear to be cleaning instruments also suggests the hierarchy of the time. Women entered the medical field via nursing before paving a way for themselves as doctors, surgeons and administrators. Some light staining on photograph does not obstruct the clarity of the image. Overall very good condition.

Item #17856

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