Item #17783 The Afro-American National Question signed by Amiri Baraka. African American Amiri Baraka.

The Afro-American National Question signed by Amiri Baraka

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"The Black Nation: Position of the Revolutionary Communist Leage (M-L-M) on the Afro-American National Question." 1974. Blue soft-cover pamphlet with black and white photo of African American man in hard hat on the front, marked "$1.00." Front cover signed by Amiri Baraka. 11 x 8 1/2 inches. 57 pages. The pamphlet is a report on the history of the black nation inside the United States from slavery through the contemporary. Much of it discusses broader United States world power strategy in relation to national race politics, "The fight for democratic rights that marked the so-called Civil Rights movement put an end to the surface of segregated social and production relations that came back into being with the betrayal of the reconstruction. But United States imperialism needed this, hence Kennedy's support and leadership in the Civil Rights movement, to give United States Imperialism the look of progress in order to facilitate its struggle with European powers for hegemony in the 3rd World markets. The oppression of black people in the South, especially in the black Belt, made all talk of U.S.A. a world leader shaky." Last page with photograph of Malcolm X delivering a speech and a map of the United States with black populations marked. Writer and activist Amiri Baraka was an outspoken supporter of the black nationalist movement through the sixties and into the seventies when his position began to shift. In 1974, the same year as this publication, he began distancing himself as he found its racial individualism too confining. A different copy of this pamphlet recently sold on market included the inscription, "Written by Amiri Baraka in collaboration with AA Communists of RCL. 1974." Light staining to front and back covers does not affect text or image. An incisive look inside the shifting dynamics of movement politics within the Civil Rights era signed by a significant voice of the time. Overall very good condition.

Item #17783

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