Item #17773 BLACK PANTHERS: "Justice Amerikan Style." Flier on black-American oppression. African American BLACK PANTHERS.

BLACK PANTHERS: "Justice Amerikan Style." Flier on black-American oppression


BLACK PANTHERS. "Justice Amerikan Style". Vintage Double-sided photocopied flier, Folio size 14 x 8 1/2 inches, illustrated with a photograph of Ericka Huggins raising her fist; Boston: Boston Panther Defense Committee, circa April 1970. The text of the document offers a detailed and lengthy explanation of the New Haven Nine case through the contempt convictions of Emory Douglas and David Hilliard, Emory Douglas a revolutionary artist and the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, Douglas created iconography to represent black-American oppression. David Hilliard,the Panther Chief of Staff. The New Haven Nine case charges ranged from criminal conspiracy to first-degree murder of Alex Rackley a fellow Panther. Minor wear, in very good condition and scarce.

Item #17773

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