WWI-Era Photo Album of an Army Hot Air Balloon Corps in Pittsburgh

Photo Album

This original circa WWI photo album depicts hot air balloonists in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 59 photos on black album paper. 121 pages. 13" x 11" inches. Original black cloth covers, string bound. This album depicts a group of men who were part of a balloon corps in the Pittsburgh area in the 1910s. The men took aerial photos of industrial yards, rolling hills, and the cityscape of Pittsburgh. The pictures show 20 men in military dress including Montana peak hats and knee high leather boots. One particularly striking photo looks directly down from the balloon basket onto the streets of Pittsburgh. The archive includes more street level photos of the city as well. Other landscape photos in the album resemble the American southwest. Best known for their use by the American military to locate targets, direct bombardment and report on enemy activity, balloon corps were also used for domestic observation. Overall in very good condition.

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