Item #17673 Douglas MacArthur Signed Photo. Douglas Macarthur.
Douglas MacArthur Signed Photo

Douglas MacArthur Signed Photo

Macarthur, Douglas

SP - Signed Photo

U.S. General. During World War II, MacArthur commanded the U.S. forces in the Far East. However, they were soon forced to withdraw from their station in the Philippines, on which occasion MacArthur made his famous promise: "I shall return." In August, 1945, MacArthur received the surrender of the Japanese and carried out demilitarization and reforms. Vintage Signed head and shoulders photo of MacArthur in uniform, He is wearing a general's cap and has the five star general insignia on his lapel. Signed in ink on the lower part of the image "Douglas Macarthur." In excellent condition.

Item #17673

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