Item #17610 Archive of The Militant Newspaper Covering Black Panthers, Student Radicals, Foreign Policy, and More. Socialist Black Panthers.

Archive of The Militant Newspaper Covering Black Panthers, Student Radicals, Foreign Policy, and More

Black Panthers, Socialist


Archive of five issues of the The Militant. Vol. 32, No. 38, September 1968, Vol. 33 , No. 21., Vol. 33, No. 28, Vol. 35, No. 30, and Vol. 37, No. 44, November 1973. New York: Militant Publishing Association 18" x 11.25" inches. Five well-preserved copies of The Militant, a Socialist Workers Party affiliated publication. The 1968 issue's contents deal with the shoot-up of the Oakland Black Panthers' headquarters by police, the unjust conviction of Huey P. Newton, the alliance between the Peace and Freedom Party and the Panthers, a centerfold interview with Palestinian militant Al-Fatah, and more. May 1969's edition bring a front page story on Ahmed Evans, a black man condemned to the electric chair by an all-white jury on account of murder, as well as a commemoration of the May birthday of the late Malcolm X. Other stories within this issue cover student uprisings at colleges across country. The July 1969 opens on the same note, with a front page article reporting on a Harris poll that found a "sharp rise in campus radicalism." This edition also covers in detail the fractures in student radicalism that led to the implosion of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS). In the August 1971 issue, attention turned to abortion rights for women, making appeals to women of all races and social positions. The issue also featured a profile on the Salvador Allende's socialist government in Chile. The 1973 edition has an article exposing the government spying and harassment on the Chicago Seven and its connection to the ongoing Watergate scandal and a back page article on United Farm Workers grape boycott led by Cesar Chavez. In foreign affairs, this issue's cover article is on the Greek student uprising against the US-backed dictatorship, as well as an article on US policy in the Middle east amid the ongoing energy crisis. Photo illustrations throughout. Clean layout and high paper quality compared to most alternative media publications of the era. Subtle tanning to periphery but overall in near fine condition.

Item #17610

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