"The Woman’s Journal", Lucy Stone’s Women’s Rights newspaper, Original 1880 Issue covering the suffrage struggle across the country


The Woman’s Journal. Boston: Oct. 30, 1880. Volume 11, Number 44. 8 pages. 26” x 18” inches. This original newspaper was one of the first publications that advocated for the full citizenship of women in the United States. It was the mouthpiece of some of the most prominent women's rights advocates of the age and was edited by Julia Ward Howe, Lucy Stone and her husband H.B. Blackwell. The newspaper consisted of many short articles on developments within the suffrage struggle across the country. One particularly interesting example was written by editor T.W. Higginson, critiquing the Nation magazine and its adherence to the "angelic argument", which was an early tactic used by some suffragists to argue for their cause on the basis of women's supposed moral superiority. By 1880, the suffrage movement had largely dispensed of that line and chosen to "rest the movement on firmer ground", namely that "she is a human being, with the faults and follies of humanity, but also with its rights and needs." Also includes transcriptions of speeches given by Stone and other suffrage leaders at the 30th Anniversary meeting of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. Has a 1.5 inch tear on left side but is overall in very good condition.

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