Item #17338 Jeanne D'Arc in Armor, Original Signed 1899 Poster. Jeanne D'ARC.

Jeanne D'Arc in Armor, Original Signed 1899 Poster


GRASSET, Eugène Samuel. Jeanne D’Arc/Sarah Bernhardt. Plate no.174, signed by Grasset. Measures approximately 15.75 x 11.41 inches. Lithographic plate. Paris: Imprimerie Chaix, 1899. Sarah Bernhardt, as Joan of Arc, is shown in armor with sword and flag. Arrows fly past her, while behind her pikes and spears are raised to a dark sky. The poster was commissioned by Sarah Bernhardt, the French actress, to advertise her stage appearance in the role of Jeanne d'Arc, or Joan of Arc, and Grasset clearly evokes the saint's piety in the design of the poster, which strongly ressembles a stained glass window. Grasset worked in Paris, France in a variety of creative design fields during the Belle Époque; he is considered a pioneer of Art Nouveau, though his workalso brought him into contact with the Montmartre circle of artists including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. recorded in American institutions. OCLC search results are at best an estimate and can vary over time.

Item #17338

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