Item #17201 1947 Indianapolis 500 Program And Scorecard. 1947 Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
1947 Indianapolis 500 Program And Scorecard

1947 Indianapolis 500 Program And Scorecard

First Edition

Official Program Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Home of the 500 Mile Race. 1947 Indianapolis 500 Program And original Scorecard. A strange race: Late in the race, Lou Moore teammates Bill Holland and Mauri Rose were running 1st and 2nd. The pit crew displayed a confusing chalkboard sign with the letters "EZY" to Holland, presumably meaning for him to take the final laps at a reduced pace to safely make it to the finish. Mauri Rose ignored the board, and charged to catch up to Holland. Holland believed he held a lap lead over Rose, and allowed him to catch up. The two drivers waved as Rose passed Holland, with Holland believing it was not more than a congratulatory gesture. In reality, the pass Rose made was for the lead, and he led the final 8 laps to take the controversial victory. The race was marred by a crash that claimed the life of Shorty Cantlon. Rose's distance finish time of 4:17:52.17 was the second fastest finish of the Indianapolis 500 ever, at the time. Very Good Condition. Complete. No Tears. Minor staining on cover.

Item #17201

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