Item #17160 Collection of 4 original Suffrage Postcards c. 1900s-1910s. Women Suffrage, Postcard Archive.

Collection of 4 original Suffrage Postcards c. 1900s-1910s

[Women Suffrage], Postcard Archive


An attractive collection of 4 rare souvenir postcards from the UK, France, and US supporting women's suffrage. Featuring the postcard artwork of famed commercial artists, the archive is both visually enthralling and historically fascinating; demonstrating the attempts of proponents of the movement to define and popularize a relatable, sympathetic image of the suffragette. The golden age of the souvenir postcard, from 1898 to 1915, during which time postcard collecting was an international past time, dovetailed conveniently with the suffrage movement in America and Britain. 2 cards with original postal stamp 1909 and 1911. Souvenir postcards were the most popular form of suffrage ephemera among the suffragists themselves. Also included are two compelling British postcards from a noted 1910 pro-suffrage series "This is the House that Man Built", based upon the nursery rhyme "This is the House that Jack Built", in which the "House" refers to the Houses of Parliament. The series was answered by a similar series published by the opposition to the movement, demonstrating the more boldly political nature of the suffrage postcard in Britain. French postcard calling for universal suffrage shows a man and woman in Greek togas casting ballots: [in French] “Women who are subject to the laws and pay taxes as well as men, should have the same right to vote as they”. 1 interesting American postcard shows a woman driving a car, years before women’s suffrage passed at the federal level. The archive includes both blank and posted cards, all in generally very good condition. An essential and rare collection of one of the most enduring, attractive artifacts of the struggle for women's rights.

Item #17160

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