Item #17001 Audrey Hepburn Letter Signed on the Serenity of Family Life. Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn Letter Signed on the Serenity of Family Life

TLS - Typed Letter Signed

Audrey Hepburn. The screen icon writes affectionately to a friend about vacationing with husband Mel Ferrer in Lucerne after the release of the critically-acclaimed box office hit War and Peace. Typed letter signed "Audrey" with handwritten postscript. July 8th, 1957. Lucerne, Switzerland. One page.

In this 1957 letter, Hepburn writes with typical vivacious charm to a friend from Los Angeles: “How sadly the chocolate cake incident turned out, but how sweet of you to have even thought of it!” . While this July 8th letter marks the first peak of a long and successful career, Hepburn seems intent to get away to a quiet family life: “I am sorry I did not call you while I was in Beverly Hills, but our stay was a very short one and more than hectic.” Coming off the whirlwind hit off War and Peace, Lucerne was a welcome retreat from Hollywood. “We are now in Switzerland with Mel’s four children and several other members of my family, enjoying the beautiful weather and lots of fun, plus plenty of solid rest.” “Hope you are well,” she signs off, noting affectionately “I must say you sound it in your letters.” Hepburn adds a typically gracious handwritten postscript: “Thanks ever so much again,” before Hepburn continues in her own looping cursive script “for the choc ,cake fond wishes, Audrey”. Letter matted with a sage-green board with a photograph of the embracing Hepburn and Ferrer. In very good condition, with slight wrinkles along the page. An intimate, cheerful letter perfectly capturing Hepburn’s warmth, charm, and grace.

Item #17001

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