Item #16837 Tintin Original Animation Drawing of Capt Haddock - Explorers on the Moon 1959. Tintin Herge.

Tintin Original Animation Drawing of Capt Haddock - Explorers on the Moon 1959

Herge, Tintin

Original artwork

Tintin Original hand drawn Animation Drawing of Captain Haddock -from TinTin Explorers on the Moon (On a marché sur la Lune) 1959. The original production drawing Size are each about 3 to 5 inches on folio pages aprox 12 x 10.5 in or 26,8 cm x 31,6 cm. Hergé's Adventures of Tintin' was the first animation movie featuring Tintin's adventures. The series was produced by Belvision in the early sixties (1959-1964) under supervision of Hergé and Greg, with Belgian comic artist Ray Goossens as artistic director. Explorers on the Moon was the second story to be adapted in the second animated series; it was directed by Ray Goossens and written by Greg, a well-known cartoonist who was to become editor-in-chief of Tintin magazine. In 1959, American producer Larry Harmon signed a contract with Belvision to start producing the first movie, Destination Moon, based on the two Tintin 'Moon' albums. The series was shown starting 1962 on American (ABC, CBS, NBC) and Canadian TV, and also the BBC. This original hand drawn images were created in the studio under Herge Grossen supervision. Each drawing is unique and was used to create the animation series. This drawing shows a very expressive captain Haddock in space suite and glass lunar helmet. This drawing has more details and is a bit larger sketch than the others we have seen. Several original handwritten instruction notations in red or black pencil as usual, and a on top of the page is stamp "Middle Levels -Held cels -trace carefully" A beautiful pencil drawing in Very good condition.

Item #16837

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