Item #16786 1916 Tsarist Russian Military Bond Certificate. Bond Certificate Tsarist Russian.

1916 Tsarist Russian Military Bond Certificate

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Russian State Military 1000 Rubles Loan, 1916. Pre-revolution Tsarist Russia short-term State War Bond in 1,000 ruble denomination, guaranteeing a 5 1/2% interest rate. Series II, issued against authorized capital of 2,000,000,000 rubles, with fully attached redemption coupon fold-out, has sixteen coupons. coupons. Finely engraved on watermarked bank note certificate, with the Tsarist Romanov imperial arms at top center. These bonds were issued to help finance the Russian effort in World War 1, Measures aprox 8" x 12". Text entirely in Russian. A year after this Bond issue, the Russian revolution of 1917 occurred, Bolshevik repudiated all the Tsarit debt and also disengaged from the war. The revolutionary Russia completely fell out of the world economy and sealed itself up in isolation. Attractive and in very good condition.

Item #16786

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