Item #16681 Katherin Lee Bates Letter Signed on Wellesley College Letterhead. Katherine Lee Bates.

Katherin Lee Bates Letter Signed on Wellesley College Letterhead

TLS : Typed Letter Signed

Bates, Katherin Lee. American Author chiefly remembered for her anthem "America the Beautiful", but also for her many books on social reform,. Typed Letter Signed on Wellesley College Letterhead. Wellesley, MA: 1917. 2 pages. 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Wellesley, Massachusetts, April 9. 1917. . In this letter, bates seek reassurance from her friends to support her on a pressing issue, in part "... I depend on you and Martha Hale to nip in the bud any attempt on Miss Pendleton's part, or the part of anybody else, to have me give a college reading of my verse. You know you wouldn't do it yourself, and it would be entirely against nature for me to do it, even if the verse were better than they are. In this strange and urgent time I do believe that all idealists should mobilize and try in every way to keep the nobler aspects of war before the country. I am glad to have even these verses if mine circulated in printed form, but it would be against all my instincts and principles to stand upon a platform and read them anywhere, least of all in college. You two dear people know exactly how I feel, for you would feel exactly so yourselves. Please be Allies, and don't let my trench be bombed. " Signed "Katherine Lee Bates ". Fine condition. American educator and author best known for her poem." America the Beautiful."

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