Item #16495 Florence Seibert, Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist, Signed Copy. Florence Seibert.

Florence Seibert, Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist, Signed Copy

First Edition

Florence Seibert. Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist. St. Petersburg, FL: Florence Seibert, 1968. Signed by author. 9 x 6.5 in. Original boards and dust jacket. Very good.

Autobiography of the history-making scientist whose research paved the way for creating a safe and reliable test for tuberculosis. Her groundbreaking work earned her recognition and awards from groups such as the National Tuberculosis Association, the American Chemical Society, and the National Women's Hall of Fame. Seibert, a world-famous biochemist who was most known for her work involving the ability to test for Tuberculosis, a very deadly disease in the 1900s. The ability to test for Tuberculosis significantly decreased the death rate as health care professionals were then able to treat it which is still the case for today. Florence grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania with her family in 1897 where she contracted polio. She had difficulty walking as a child and suffered from a limp for the rest of her life due to this. However, Florence did not let this disability stop her from pursuing science, in fact, it encouraged her more to find answers.

Item #16495

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