Item #16492 Martin Luther King Argument for Nonviolence: Our Struggle. Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King Argument for Nonviolence: Our Struggle

First Edition

KING JR., Martin Luther. Report on the Montgomery movement featured in the second issue The Liberation. April 1956. The story of King’s discovery of a “new and powerful weapon—non-violent resistance.” King, according to this report, sees a “new Negro” emerging in the South: “The extreme tension in race relations in the South today is explained in part by the revolutionary change in the Negro’s evaluation of himself and of his destiny and by his determination to struggle for justice.” The movement finds its strength, King argues, in the black community's economic power, the church's militant leadership, and the ability to implement nonviolent protest tactics. The MIA and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) reprinted and distributed King's article. The introduction is by Jim Peck, editor of the CORElator, contributor to Crisis and writer of the column "As Jimcrow Flies" in Independent (formerly Expose.) Cover drawing by Rosetta Bakish.

Item #16492

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