Antique Needlepoint Sampler, 1834

Original Art

[Girls' Education] Original, vintage cross-stitch sampler. Limington, Maine. 1834. 11.5" x 15" in. Alphabet cross-stitched in capital and lower case letters, with decorative embroidered border, and information on maker stitched at bottom: "Elizabeth G. Brackett Limington Maine. Aged 10. in 1834". Samplers were valuable parts of girls' education from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, as it demonstrated both their skill in needlepoint and their achievements in literacy. From the 1800s, the very first schools and academies for young women in America had their students create needlepoint pieces with decorative motifs such as verses, or the entire alphabet being stitched on the sampler. The parents of these young women proudly displayed their embroideries as showpieces of their daughter's talent, and status. In recent years, these samplers have become important in museum collections as representations of early American female education. Capital alphabet, "&", and numbers 1 through 7 in black thread. Capital alphabet and 8, 9, and 0 in white thread. Lower case alphabet in gray; and student's name and date in light green. Toned. Few threads frayed at center right edge. Very good.

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