Item #16238 Belva Lockwood, First Woman to Run for U.S. President Autograph Letter Signed. Belva Lockwood.

Belva Lockwood, First Woman to Run for U.S. President Autograph Letter Signed

ALS : Autograph Letter Signed

Belva Lockwood. The first woman to appear on a US Presidential ballot. Autograph letter signed by Belva Lockwood, to Mark Bennitt, publicity director of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. April 30, 1903. 1 page, 7 x 5 ¾ in. In black ink, Lockwood writes: “Wash. D.C. Apr. 30. 1903 - Mr. Mark Bennitt, Dear Sir, Please to deliver letter addressed to me to bearer Mrs. Victoria Coukling Whitney and oblige. " Signed boldly" Yours Truly Belva A. Lockwood.”

Belva Ann Lockwood was one of the first women attorneys in the United States and one of the first women to run for President; she worked throughout her life as an activist for anti-discrimination, international peace, and women's suffrage. In both the 1884 and 1886 U.S. Presidential contests, Lockwood was nominated to run as part of the National Equal Rights Party, in which she was the first woman to ever appear on the ballot. Ironically, she was not allowed to vote in the contest as women were not granted the right to vote until 1920. Overall good condition. Letter has been glued to second page, with heavy creasing and small tears to left edge. Both pages having notes written in pencil. Letter from a remarkable early pioneer for women’s equality and political rights. Rare.

Item #16238

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