Item #16194 Woman's Suffrage: 3 Very Rare Original Oval Suffrage Buttons. Pins Woman's Suffrage.

Woman's Suffrage: 3 Very Rare Original Oval Suffrage Buttons


Women's Suffrage Party original slogan buttons. Iconic pins of the United States Women's Suffrage Party, or WSP, headed by Carrie Chapman Catt. Trio of extremely rare 1" oval button pins in excellent condition, in the bright yellow, purple, and green associated with the suffrage movement in the US and the UK. Two are inscribed with the controversial "SUFFRAGE FIRST" slogan, the third reads "Vote for Woman Suffrage November 1916". Bastian Brothers back papers on two examples. All three are extremely hard to find, let alone in near-perfect condition. The green and purple pin is the only known example of its kind.

The WSP issued pins during the Empire State Campaign of 1915, a crucial electoral ground for the suffrage movement. The pin in gold, blue, and white was amongst a select number printed in the official colors of New York State. The militancy of the "Suffrage First" slogan marks it as a unique turning point in the suffrage movement. One of the first public iterations of the phrase was on November 30th, 1915, during a convention where Carrie Chapman Catt criticized those who would ask women to take up other tasks before suffrage: "Have a printed card to give to people who ask you to do other work, saying that on account of the deferred enfranchisement of women you must refuse [...] let us take this little button, and make its slogan our own: Suffrage first". Catt was taken to task for espousing this sentiment during the war. Nevertheless it was an extremely effective rhetorical tactic, and the phrase proliferated among suffrage groups in the US & the UK. All three pins in excellent condition.

Item #16194

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