Susan B. Anthony Autograph Letter signed Memorializes Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Offering this Advice, "Profit by the Memories of her Life and do the duty that lies near..." Susan B. Anthony.

Susan B. Anthony Autograph Letter signed Memorializes Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Offering this Advice, "Profit by the Memories of her Life and do the duty that lies near..."

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Susan B. Anthony. American Woman's Suffrage Movement Leader. Autograph Letter signed by both Susan B. Anthony, and her sister, fellow suffragist Mary Stafford Anthony. Letterhead of the Leavenworth Times, in Leavenworth, Kansas, with the names of her brother and nephew (both D.R. Anthony") who were the owners of the newspaper, pre-printed on the upper right hand corner of the page. Dated in Anthony's hand "November 15, 1904. One page, 8.5" x 11" inches. Anthony reflects on the birthday memorial of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who had died two years previous, and upon her own brother, abolitionist newspaper publisher D.R. Anthony, whose own death has caused her to miss Stanton's memorial.

Anthony and Stanton's historic partnership birthed the American women's suffrage movement. As an educated young schoolmistress from an ardently abolitionist Quaker family, Anthony remained single all her life, dedicating herself in whole to the suffrage movement. Stanton, who balanced dual roles as suffrage leader and mother, was admittedly the greater writer and orator; putting a fiery pen to paper and authoring many of Anthony's speeches while Anthony watched her young children for her. Stanton once said of Anthony "I forged the thunderbolts, she fired them." Anthony writes this letter in her hand only 3 days after the death of her younger brother Daniel Read Anthony, the colorful and controversial newspaper publisher, famous for his strong abolitionist feelings and high emotions which got him into trouble with the law, and provoked him to both give and receive horsewhippings more than once. The abolitionist and suffrage movements found themselves deeply intertwined from inception, with many like-mined social reformers finding themselves in sympathy with both. Anthony herself was raised in an abolitionist household, and was often supported in her cause by Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison. The letter is addressed to "Dear Friends assembled at the home of Mrs. Sarah Willis", a fellow suffragette and signatory to the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments. At 84 years old, Anthony tells her friends of the funeral service, and wistfully that "the rest of brother Daniel's family were here - were all that are left here - there are vastly larger numbers on the other side of the big river." She mentions "Mrs. Stanton's 89 birthday" and how "I was very sorry that we could not be with you to do honor to her memory - but nature called us to witness the passing of our dear brother." She closes with a piece of inspirational advice that she believes would do Stanton honor, "try and profit by the memories of her life and do the duty that lies nearest." She signs at closing "Susan B. Anthony." Her sister, suffragist Mary S. Anthony also signs, however it is clear from her mention of "Sister Mary" in the letter, that Susan B. Anthony is the actual author. The letter is in very good condition, with original mailing folds and mailing envelope, addressed in Anthony's hand and postmarked November 15, 1904. The letter is clean and bright, with only a few small light spots of foxing and a few original smudges. An important letter, memorializing the partnership between history's two greatest suffrage leaders, and mentioning two more, and a prominent abolitionist as well.

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