Item #15915 Archive of 9 Original Photos of the Japanese Surrendering, with MacAuthur and Nimitz. Photo Archive Japanese Surrendering.

Archive of 9 Original Photos of the Japanese Surrendering, with MacAuthur and Nimitz

Japanese Surrendering, Photo Archive

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Archive of Original Photos of the Japanese Surrendering Onboard the USS Missouri Officially Ending World War 2 on September 2 1945. The archive consist of 9 vintage silver gelatin photographs. The photos are uniformly 3.56" x 4.56" inches. These photos capture a crucial moment in history. One image shows General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander, reading his opening speech at the Surrender Ceremony onboard USS Missouri. The Surrender Ceremony formally brought an end to the bloodiest conflict in human history and lasted a mere 23 minutes. The representatives of the Allied Powers are behind MacArthur. Another photo shows the Japanese representative signing the surrender document. Pictured are General MacArthur, Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu (wearing top hat), and General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of the Army General Staff. There are two more images of the ceremony that show General Nimitz and General Macarthur each signing the documents. Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, signs the Instrument of Surrender as United States Representative. Standing directly behind him are General MacArthur; Admiral William F. Halsey, USN, and Rear Admiral Forrest Sherman, USN. Another photo shows other Japanese military signing related documents on the ship. It also includes several photos of American military warships, including USS Detroit in the distance at Tokyo Bay at the time of the signing on September 2. Also includes an image of approximately 100 US airplanes in formation performing a victory pass over the warships. Aircraft include TBM, F6F, SB2C and F4U. After 6 long years and a staggering loss of 75 million people, the end of W.W.II is captured in this fascinating photo archive.

Item #15915

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