Item #15859 "The Republican Party Vindicated" - Lincoln's Famous Cooper Union Speech. Abraham Lincoln.
"The Republican Party Vindicated" - Lincoln's Famous Cooper Union Speech

"The Republican Party Vindicated" - Lincoln's Famous Cooper Union Speech


Lincoln, Abraham. The Republican Party Vindicated--The Demands of the South Explained. Speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, at the Cooper Institute New York City, February 27, 1860. 16 pages, caption title [as issued]. Lincoln's Historic Cooper Union discourse, which catapulted him to serious presidential consideration, and provided a cogent and widely-publicized argument that slavery was, and always had been, contrary to American values.

Lincoln's great Cooper Union speech argues that the Framers and early Congresses contemplated a narrow role for slavery. Examining the constitutional and early Congressional debates, he demonstrates that contemporary statements viewed slavery "as an evil, not to be extended, but to be tolerated and protected only because of and so far as its actual presence among us makes that toleration and protection a necessity." Lincoln's argument received wide press coverage; it catapulted him into presidential contention, for its great contribution placed the new Republican Party at the center of American constitutional and legal thought rather than an unacceptable extreme, paving the way for his 1860 presidential win on the Republican ticket. An unusual 16-page issue of Lincoln's Cooper Union discourse, followed, at the middle of page 9, by John Hickman's July 24, 1860 campaign speech. Page 16 prints Stephen Douglas' endoursement of the Dred Scott Decision, and criticisms of his doctrine of Popular Sovereignty. Most copies print Lincoln's speech only, in 8 pages. Scattered foxing, dusting, blank margin chipped (not affecting text). Very good copy of this historic speech by Abraham Lincoln, presaging his presidential nomination.

Item #15859

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