Item #15395 Early Multiracial Integrated Class Photo c. 1910-1915. EDUCATION, AFRICAN AMERICAN.

Early Multiracial Integrated Class Photo c. 1910-1915.

Original Photo

Albumen photo on heavy tan backing of an Early Multiracial Integrated Class Photo. c. 1910-1915. Aprox 8 in x 5 in. IAlbumen photo on original photographic board. shows 30 students of first or second grade age, with one male teacher outdoors with approximately outside a clapboard school building. The class includes one young African American boy in the back row decades before Brown v Board of Education. In the image we see 2 douzaine kids, with most of the boys are wearing , Knickerbockers trousers that extend four inches below the knee, and long socks (like Tintin) Ths fashion was imported from the US to Britain around the 1860s and continued until the 1915. The image is sharp and has a small 1/2 inch stain in emulation to upper part of image (above teacher), not affecting him or the students. otherwise very good condition.

Item #15395

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