Item #15351 George Sand Writes about Liberty and Human Progress. George Sand.
George Sand Writes about Liberty and Human Progress

George Sand Writes about Liberty and Human Progress

ALS : Autograph Letter Signed

George Sand, pseudonym of Amandine Aurore Dupin, Baronne Dudevant , was a prolific writer and early feminist. 2 page Autograph Letter Signed in French, dated 4 June 1863. No place. To close friend and politician Emile de Girardin.

Both Sand and the recipient of her letter, Emile de Girardin, were politically progressive, siding with the working class and poor and advocating for women's rights. Sand was an ardent supporter of the 1848 Revolution, in which both Sand and Girardin held positions as members of government. However, she was appalled by the violence of the Paris Commune and openly criticized it. The famed French feminist author sends Girardin her article and praises his role in "the liberty and progress" that has transpired following the Parisian elections. Reflecting on the "laws of repression," she notes that the people who resist progress are "generally unbecoming and loose imbeciles." A fascinating letter documenting Sand's honest views on human progress and the hurdles that need to be overcome in attaining it. Letter is in very good condition, with blue ink clear and dark, save for some of Sand's original smudges, typical of her hasty pen. Light streak across left of front page. A political and inspiring letter from the early feminist author.

Item #15351

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